Senior Software Engineer

Company: Roto Sports, Inc. (RotoWire)

Dates: February 2015 - May 2021

  • Lead developer for RotoWire’s daily fantasy sports platform.
  • Manage large SQL databases (SSMS & T-SQL) with business-critical data.
  • Point of contact for stakeholders and customer support.
  • Time-sensitive work that occasionally requires urgent fixes outside business hours.
  • API integrations and support.
  • Refactored ColdFusion, Classic ASP, and VBScript legacy code into modern languages.
RotoWire is an industry leader in sports news, fantasy sports content, and daily fantasy sports tools. As a senior developer, I oversee all projects related to Roto Sports Inc.'s daily fantasy sports tools. These tools are used by thousands of concurrent customers.
Tech Stack
  • PHP - Primary programming language.
  • Python - Knapsack solver, API integrations.
  • JavaScript - Vanilla JS, jQuery, Webix, and more.
  • Redis - In-memory data store used for caching.
  • SQL - T-SQL + SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  • Gulp.js + Node - Mainly used for local dev.
  • Windows Server - Powers the popular DFS lineup optimizer.
I like to spend my spare time working on personal projects and keeping up with the latest trends. See some of my latest projects!
Craftmanship matters to me. I am reading books every developer should read and am publishing my notes.