- Personal Site

  • Built using Symfony, Twig, and Bootstrap.
  • Runs on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu 20.04 distribution with a LEMP stack.
  • Built a lightweight CMS that lets me dynamically edit page content, reading list notes, etc.
  • Custom Git-based workflow. Shell script on my server unpacks changes and copies them over to the live directory.
  • Built with SOLID principles in mind.
Tech Stack
  • PHP - Primary programming language.
  • Twig (Symfony) - Template engine for PHP.
  • Bootstrap - Responsive website design framework.
  • MySQL - For storing work experience, projects, and reading list notes.
  • Composer - PHP dependency manager.
  • XAMPP - Local development.
  • Git - Version control system.
  • !#bin/sh - Shell script unpacks and deploys Git repo changes.
  • GitHub - I am the only developer. Used for code backup.
  • DigitalOcean - Cloud VPS provider.
  • Ubuntu - DigitalOcean distribution image.
  • Linux - VPS operating system.
  • NGINX - Web server.
I have worked for some interesting companies. Learn more about my work experience!
Craftmanship matters to me. I am reading books every developer should read and am publishing my notes.