Baseball Star - Baseball Simulation Game

  • Realistic baseball career simulator. Users manage virtual baseball player careers from start to finish.
  • Based on a board game that I developed.
  • Simulation engine written in PHP.
  • Every possible at bat outcome mapped to the roll of 2-4 die, then translated into code.
  • ~800,000 baseball games simulated every year with detailed data stored in a MySQL database.
  • Users can customize player traits and attributes using points they earn based on their in-game performance.
Tech Stack
  • PHP - Primary programming language.
  • Twig (Symfony) - Template engine for PHP.
  • JavaScript - Vanilla JS, jQuery, and more.
  • Bootstrap - Responsive website design framework.
  • MySQL - Large database that stores stats and more.
  • Git - Version control system.
  • !#bin/sh - Shell script unpacks and deploys Git repo changes.
  • GitHub - I am the only developer. Used for code backup.
  • DigitalOcean - Cloud VPS provider.
  • Ubuntu - DigitalOcean distribution image.
  • Linux - VPS operating system.
  • NGINX - Web server.
  • Trello - Kanban project management.
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