Chomp - Food Data SaaS (REST API/B2B)

Company: Chomp Foods LLC

  • REST API providing food data to food-related software projects.
  • API can handle ~800,000 calls within a 5-minute window while maintaining an average response of 48 ms.
  • API follows OpenAPI specifications and Swagger.
  • B2B data licensing agreements with a handful of companies.
Tech Stack
  • PHP - Primary programming language.
  • Redis - In-memory data store used for caching.
  • MySQL - Database with 30+ million records.
  • Git - Version control system.
  • !#bin/sh - Shell script unpacks and deploys Git repo changes.
  • GitHub - I am the only developer. Used for code backup.
  • DigitalOcean - Cloud VPS provider.
  • Ubuntu - DigitalOcean distribution image.
  • Linux - VPS operating system.
  • NGINX - Web server.
  • Trello - Kanban project management.
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