Peter Merrill

Baseball Star

November 2017 - Present

Verona, WI

A detailed baseball career simulation game based on a board game that I developed in 2017. Players create a fictional baseball player and manage their career from start to finish. Players are able to spend in-game currency to increase their player's attributes (hitting power, base running ability, etc.). I developed a play-by-play baseball game simulation engine that simulates the games in each player's season based on their attributes. The game runs on an Ubuntu 16.04 cloud server and utilizes a MySQL database, PHP 7, Symfony, JS, jQuery, Cron Jobs, HTML, CSS, and Git. This project's repository is hosted on GitHub and a kanban board is used to track features and bugs.


PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Git


Redis, Symfony


Atom, GitHub Desktop

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