My name is Peter Merrill. I am an experienced senior software engineer and full stack developer living in Madison, WI. I have years of experience in app & web development, database management, and polyglot programming.

When I'm not working I'm either spending time with my daughter, reading a book, working on a personal project, or spending time outside.

Feel free to look around. You'll find my work experience, my projects, and notes from my reading list.

About Me

As a developer with 10+ years of experience writing production-level code, I understand the importance of attention to detail and enjoy tackling large-scale projects.

I began developing websites when I was 15 and quickly grew to love the complexity, the satisfaction of seeing my work come to life, and seeing how what I build impacts people.

While in college, I started freelancing and was hired as a full-time software developer for a company in San Diego. I worked remotely for this company and helped to develop a daily fantasy sports platform, a fantasy football app, and a Twitter Tweet curation platform that was later bought by CBS.

From 2015 to mid-2021, I was the lead software engineer for RotoWire’s daily fantasy sports platform. My responsibilities include the administration of large SQL databases and the development of tools that help sports enthusiasts play daily fantasy sports on platforms such as FanDuel and DraftKings. The tools I have built have hundreds of thousands of users, so I understand the importance of efficient code writing and data modeling.

In 2018, I started working on a personal project (Chomp) with lofty goals. My wife and I had changed our diet and were finding it difficult to find foods that aligned with our diet. My solution was to develop a search engine for food that detects ingredients that you want to avoid. I set up a cloud server (LEMP), developed an ingredient detection algorithm, and put together a database with 27 million unique data points on foods from around the world. The Chomp website, iOS app, and Android app currently have about 17,000 monthly users.

I later built the Chomp API, which follows OpenAPI specifications, and have worked with individual developers and publicly traded companies to provide high-quality food data for nutrition tracking platforms, apps, and other food-related software projects.

Since mid-2021, I have been working for RxAnte as a software engineer. RxAnte delivers analytics-powered solutions and clinical services that enable health plans, care providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to realize more value from medicines.

My technical expertise includes proficiency in many scripting and programming languages (JS, PHP, Python, SQL, React Native, and more), experience with the modern PHP ecosystem, the ability to tackle large-scale projects on my own or as part of a team, and experience working with developer applications and tools such as Git and GitHub.

Clean, efficient, and manageable code is extremely important to me. Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code book has been a great inspiration to me. I model my work after the SOLID principles.

How I Built This

This website was built using the Symfony PHP framework with Symfony's Twig PHP template engine. The theme is custom Bootstrap.

It runs on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu 20.04 distribution with a LEMP stack. I deploy my local changes to this DigitalOcean droplet via Git.

Small changes (reading list notes, project updates, etc.) are done in a lightweight CMS that I developed.

Big changes are pushed to a Git repository on the server. A shell script unpacks the changes and copies them over to the live environment. I also have to ssh to the server, edit the .env file, and run a few commands to fully set things up.

This is a little tedious, so I'm working on a more efficient deployment workflow.

I have worked for some interesting companies. Learn more about my work experience!
I like to spend my spare time working on personal projects and keeping up with the latest trends. See some of my latest projects!
Craftmanship matters to me. I am reading books every developer should read and am publishing my notes.